Finches and silky bluegrass

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At this time of year the red-browed finches like to come and harvest grain from the native grasses at the front of my place.


The grass here is locally native species, mainly redleg grass that I planted, with some larger tussocks of silky bluegrass that have self-seeded among it coming from a couple of tussocks in the shrubbery behind.


Here the finches are sitting in the bluegrass clumps, but often they jump on a less rigid culm (seed bearing stem) of redleg grass and ride it down to the ground to pick the seeds off it, bobbing up and down like a demented automated toy. Endless fun to watch.

Species mentioned:

  • Red-browed finch Neochmia temporalis
  • Redleg grass Bothriochloa macra
  • Silky bluegrass Dichanthium sericeum

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